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PET Blow Moulding

ABC (Arizaga Bastarrica Y Cia, SA) Compressors of Spain has been a pioneering supplier of compressor packages for PET blow-moulding since it was first developed in the early 1980s. ABC produces made-to-order solutions, adapting their compressor packages to the requirements of each installation.

Whatever these requirements may be, ABC's intensive design and engineering ensures that all compressors meet the robustness demanded by the PET process. With over 2.500 compressors installed worldwide, ABC supplies the world's main blow moulding machine manufacturers, converters and bottlers.

The following features make ABC's compressors the most energy efficient on the market:

  • Horizontally opposed, double acting, lubrication free cylinders
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)/Frequency Converter
  • ABC Reinjection System


Other Applications

ABC (Arizaga Bastarrica Y Cia, SA) Compressors of Spain has responded to to the requirements of its customers and markets with specific solutions for markets including instumentation air service, motor start-ups, pneumatic conveying, high pressure air or gas injection for enhanced oil recovery, thermosolar energy, fat hydrogenation.

The market orientation, experience, flexibility and commitment of ABC are proven by the development of new compressor sets for high tech industries, becoming a reliable long term partner with their customers.


Waste Treatment

ABC (Arizaga Bastarrica Y Cia, SA) Compressors of Spain have manufactured compressor sets for multiple industries from the treatment of industrial water by oxidation, to the processing of biogas coming from water and residential waste as well as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) separation from methane.

ABC have supplied a wide variety of non-lubricated cylinder compressor packages, for high pressures up to 150 bar and have also provided more than 60 compressor units for biogas filling, at pressures between 7 and 10 bar, providing cogeneration fuel for gas-fired engines, or for biomethanization of waste.



ABC (Arizaga Bastarrica Y Cia, SA) Compressors of Spain have supplied over 1000 gas compressor units to petrochemical plants across the world for all processes of the treatment of petroleum gases: exploration (upstream), transport (midstream), refining (downstream) and treatment of spare gases (petrochemistry).

ABC covers the full range of gases generated in petrochemical industry, working with the world's most prestigious engineering companies, multinational companies, as well as with EPCs and end users.


Natural Gas Cogeneration

ABC (Arizaga Bastarrica Y Cia, SA) Compressors of Spain have installed more than 200 natural gas compressors in cogeneration plants, using compressors with lubrication-free cylinders and compressing natural gas up to pressures of 70 bar for supplying fuel to gas-fired turbines and pressurizing gas networks.

With its vast experience and close relationship with the main global machine manufacturers ABC offers the optimal compressor configuration to the changing supply conditions of natural gas, in order to ensure reliable performance of turbines and networks.


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