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Soudronic Group


Soudronic is an independent Swiss-based company, founded in 1953, that develops, installs and maintains a variety of applications specific to industries reliant on metal packaging technology.

Today, Soudronic employs over 600 staff globally, has production facilities around the world and a service network that covers more than 120 countries.

With meticulous attention to detail, an ongoing commitment to innovation and quality, Soudronic customers can be assured of maximum efficiency and the longevity of complex production line systems.

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Cantec has been a Soudronic group company since 2006 and specialises in high-speed endmaking systems. Based in Germany, the company sells, manufactures and distributes production lines for tops, rings and bottoms for endmaking, shells, caps for jars and slitters; including technical know-how and back up services.

Cepak     Ocsam

Cepak and Ocsam are both Italian based businesses that became members of the Soudronic group in 1995. Both companies held reputations globally as leading manufacturers of high-quality slitter and transfer systems which now have become integral components of Soudronic's 3-piece can production lines.


Sabatier, a French company was absorbed into the Soudronic group of companies in 1995. Sabatier offers a wide range of production systems for cylindrical, conical or irregularly shaped three-piece metal containers (cans, pails and drums). The company designs and produces stand-alone machines as well as custom-made turnkey systems.

Crabtree of Gateshead

CrabtreeCrabtree of Gateshead is a UK based company known internationally as one of the world's foremost manufacturers of quality metal decorating presses and coating machines.

In addition, Crabtree's after sales service plans include replacement parts, product updates and regular equipment services.

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Ferrum, another Swiss based company, supplies Kay Industries (Pty) Ltd, with specialised can seamers. With a capacity ranging from 40 to 2,500 seamed cans per minute, Ferrum can seamers can be used for a variety of applications; such as canning food and beverages or manufacturing cans.

Ferrum systems are diverse enough to custom-make solutions to fit your unique business.

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Lanico, a business founded in 1919 in Germany, is highly regarded as a leader in the field of general line can making equipment. The company is positioned as experts in necking, flanging and seaming technology especially for the production of 3-piece-aerosol and rectangular cans.

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wilcoWILCO is a Swiss company that started independently in 1971 as a manufacturer or specialist packaging machinery. The company is now belongs to Bausch+Ströbel.

WILCO, offers a wide range of testing and leak detection systems for the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, packaging and automotive industries.

The testing systems are ideal for all applications ranging from lab type up to fully automatic in-line tester with capacities of up to 600 products per minute.

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CMC-KUHNKE is a German based company that has been operational since 1971. It focuses on providing customers around the world, with the highest standard of can measurement equipment possible.

The company is able to design fully-automatic can inspection systems and make incremental software changes to ensure maximum efficiency of production lines.

Reacting to customer requirements, CMC-KUHNKE provides state-of-the-art gauges, testers and software to reduce the cost of can-making and to increase the efficiency of food canning and beverage bottling.

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SpecMetrix is an American company that offers customers line-coating and film thickness measurement solutions and ways to ensure a more accurate, non-contact measurement of surface finishes that include wash coating, inside spraying, priming, varnishing and UV coatings for packaging applications.

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Mectra is an Italian company that was established in 1986. It has since become world renowned for providing cutting-edge industrial packaging technology to international markets, that focus on the palletising, depalletising and the handling of product.

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